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Minh Pham

NLP Researcher @ Alt Vietnam

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About me

I am a NLP researcher, with experience and knowledge in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis, Information Retrieval. I have more than 4 years R&D experience in a research institute in Japan and in Vietnam. I also have programming skills in Python, C/C++, Perl/Ruby and R.

In free time, I love reading, learning Japanese, writing and translating some (I think) useful stuffs on my blog (in Vietnamese).

Students and colleagues, who would like to work with me, please send me an email to the address below.

Email: minhpham0902 at gmail.com (replace at by @).


  • Our paper “A Context-Aware Late-Fusion Approach for Disaster Image Retrieval from Social Media” has been published on ICMR ‘18 Proceedings of the 2018 ACM on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (Rank A conference in Multimedia Retrieval).
  • Our NER system achieved the first rank at VLSP 2018 NER Evaluation Campaign. The technical report is available on arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.08463.
  • My paper “A Feature-Rich Vietnamese Named-Entity Recognition Model” has been accepted at CICLing 2018 conference.

Research Interests

  • Dialog Systems (intent classification, slot filling, etc)
  • Applications of Deep Learning in NLP
  • Information Extraction (Named Entity Recognition, Relation Extraction, etc)
  • Factoid/Non-factoid Question Answering
  • Textual Entailment Recognition (suspended)
  • Finding Contradiction in Text (suspended)
  • Knowledge Acquisition from Web (suspended)

Education and Work Background

  • 7/2016 - 11/2017: FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
  • 4/2013-7/2016 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan.
  • 3/2013: Ph.D. in Information Science from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • 3/2010: M.Sc. in Information Science from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • 6/2006: B.Sc. in Information Technology from University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi